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Monohull Boat Kits
Design Features
9m Kit Boat fishing vessel

Our standard mono hulls are deep vee hulls designed for an

excellent ride in offshore conditions. We use a flooding keel or

water ballast cavity which gives great stability at rest, and a solid

feel similar to a much heavier boat. The keel is designed for rapid

drainage so the boat jumps onto the plane just like a conventional design.

We run moderate sized reverse chines which keep spray down, without the pounding and harsh ride that comes with large aggressively angled reverse chines. We also run carefully designed lower spray strakes to peel off spray before it climbs further up the hull, which both increases fuel efficiency and helps keep spray down.


Our bow shapes are designed for secure handling in hard downwind conditions. The combination of raked stem, smooth entry, and chine sweep gives lots of dynamic lift following seas, keeping the bow up and you in control.

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kit boat 5m

500 Series

6.0m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

600 Series

750 CAB.png

750 Series

5.3m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

530 Series

6.4m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

640 Series

7.8m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

780 Series

5.6m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

560 Series

700 HT.png

700 Series

8.3m Deep Vee Monohull Boat Kit

830 Series

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