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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you measure length of the boat?

It should be simple shouldn’t it, but there are many different ways of measuring the length of a boat. We measure hull length from the back of the outboard bracket, to the point of the bow at deck level. Non-buoyant swim platforms, bow sprits, handrails and other appendages are excluded. Not everyone measures length this way, so make sure you know what you’re comparing with.

Can I have a sterndrive?

Sterndrive options are listed for each specific design, but send us an enquiry if you don’t see what you are looking for. Sterndrives are generally heavier than the equivalent single outboard, but have the advantage of being available in diesel. If you travel long distances or just like the economy and safety of a diesel it can make a lot of sense. With the current tech common rail turbo engines it is now possible to get a single diesel stern drive for around the same weight as 2 x 4 stroke outboards.

I'm after a hard top, but it's not
shown as an option?

Hard tops are great in cooler weather, but there’s always a point where the windage and weight aloft just becomes too much on a smaller boat. If it’s not shown as an option that’s because it’s generally not a good idea!

What engine options can I have?

We design our boats for a range of horsepower ratings, and for standard outboard engine shaft lengths. Twin set ups are possible on the larger designs, depending on the weight and size of what you want to do. Send us an enquiry.

I like your designs, but I can't see the model/option that I want.

Ask us! Sometimes there will be a new model in development already to fill that gap, or plans for one.

Can I have a design customised?

Of course. It’s almost always possible to have your own customised options. Sometimes there will be added cost, it just depends on the modification. Let us know what you want.

Can I buy the design only?
We only supply complete kits – sorry!
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