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About The Kits
SMD 9m Fishing vessel, Crackerjack

We offer a range of models to choose from; deep vee monohulls and catamarans. If you don’t see the size or type you’re looking for on our website then ask us – it may be in development already.

We then ship your selected model to you as a flat packed, pre cut kit, for you to build in your shed, garage or carport. A comprehensive set of build drawings and instructions is provided.


Once the hull is complete you need to organise a trailer, engine(s), fitout, electrics and paint, and you’re ready for the water. You can make a big saving on the cost of a new boat, and nothing beats the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Alternatively if you simply like our designs but don’t want to tackle a full build, then we can organise that for you too – contact us for details.

What's Included

All of the aluminium you need to build the structure of the boat is supplied, including developed shell plates, frames, stringers and all main hull, deck and cabin structure. We make good use of folded parts in our kits for a nice finish and to reduce welding, so things like gunwales, side pockets, seat boxes, and the dash are supplied flat but with fold lines pre-marked for you to take to a machine shop to do the pressings.


We also include items like fuel tanks, handrails, gunwale rubbing strip, keel bar and rod holders. Also supplied are:

  • a comprehensive set of 3D hull construction drawings

  • build sequence and step by step instructions

  • parts list

  • welding details

  • phone and email support during construction

SMD 7.8m Kit Boat hull construction
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