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NSW Fisheries 20m Patrol Boat


Length: 19.99m

Beam: 5.50m

Draft: 1.36m

Crew: 2 + 6 Special Personnel

Power: 2 x Caterpillar C18, 747kw

Speed: 28kn Maximum

Range: 500nm @ 20kn + margin

Survey: NSCV 2B

Client:  New South Wales Government - Department of Fisheries

Yard:  Yamba Welding and Engineering

Nauti-Craft 8m Catamaran hull suspension

8m R&D Catamaran "2-Play"

Design of catamaran hulls for demonstrator craft. General consultancy and advice on overall design aspects including powering, trim & stability, design loads, and survey.


Client:  Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd

Yard:  Shoreline Marine Fabrication

For more information, check out this video from Nauti-Craft:

WaterCorp 5.0m Patrol Boat kit

Client:  Water Corporation

Yard:  Sherwood Marine

2 x 5m Patrol / Workboats

Length: 5.00m

Beam:  2.35m

Draft:  0.40m

Crew:  2 + 2

Power:  70hp

Speed:  27 knots

Survey:  NSCV NS Scheme

Designs available up to class 2C

Veem Gyro Installation - FE Model

64m Motor Yacht - Gryo Installation

Preliminary structural design for dual (“stacked”) gyro-stabiliser installation. Aluminium hull vessel with steel subframe for upper stabiliser. Finite Element Analysis for fatigue life assessment.

Vessel:  64m Motor Yacht

Client:  VEEM Gyro


36M Motor Yacht


Added superstructure tier.

Conversion of open sundeck area into enclosed sky-lounge and flybridge. Detailed structural design and CNC parts, weights, and revised stability book.

Vessel:  M/Y "Java"

Yard:  AsianFast Marine, Batam Indonesia

11.5M Patrol Boat

Naval Architecture for 11.5m Police boats;

Build of 50 boats for Indonesia National Police

Vessel:  11.5M Patrol Boat

Client:  Thornycroft Maritime & Associates Australia Pty Ltd

11.5m Patrol Boats

13m Flybridge Cruiser -

Dynamic Stability

Dynamic Stability Investigation

The vessel was suffering sudden and uncontrollable broaches in relatively benign sea conditions. The unpredictable onset of the problem made the vessel virtually unusable. After doing basic static stability checks we surveyed the boat out of water, and determined rudder ventilation to be the main cause. Simple fences were designed and added, which cured the problem.

Vessel:  13m Flybridge Cruiser

Client:  Private Owner


82M M/Y - Hull Laser Scan & Digital Glass Templates

Vessel:  82m Motor Yacht

Client:  Silver Yachts

Yard: Silver Yachts

Digital Templates for Hull Glazing – Shipset

Optical laser scan of finished (faired) vessel hull openings. Provide shipset of digital template drawings for manufacture of window glasses.


43M Motor Yacht Stability

Vessel weight survey for motor yacht conversion project. Digitise lines, including experiment and new stability book.

Vessel:  "Miss  Ilo Ilo"

Client:  Panay Marine Services

Yard: Rouvia Road Yacht Design and Construction - Philippines


INPEX Ichthys Gas Export Pipeline

Transportation advice for delivery of project linepipe via tug-barges and PSV's.

Client:  ONA Engineers

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