Design Features

Our plate alloy catamarans are based on the hull shape we created for the high tech Nauticraft R&D catamaran project. As with our mono hulls, much attention has been focused on the bow, and creating a shape that will both cut through chop, but won’t dig in to following seas. The section shapes and swept bow profile create a smooth entry, and lots of dynamic lift in hard downwind conditions. Click here to learn more about dynamic lift.

We also put a large chamfer piece between the tunnel top and hull inner sides. This further improves bow lift and helps give a smoother landing in really rough seas, or when cruising at slower speeds. We’ve found this to be much more effective in practise than putting a small central vee or “wave breaker” in the tunnel.

Our tunnel shapes are higher and have a gentle slope up to the bow, compared to other designs on the market which are much more bluff, and prone to wave impact.

Company founder David Sherwood has been designing high speed commercial catamarans for over 20 years for world leading companies.