Design Features

Our level flotation boats are based on our range of commercial RIB style designs, using our unique double chine hullform. RIBs are generally an excellent hullform for offshore use and are chosen by many rescue organisations for this reason.

Conventional RIBs have a rigid hull bottom and deck formed from aluminium or fibreglass, and an inflatable collar which effectively forms the topsides of the boat. The narrow chine beam gives a soft ride, and the inflatable tubes give stability at rest. The volume of the tubes also gives much improved resistance to swamping.

The main drawback RIBs is the relative fragility of the inflatable collars and the expense of replacement. Our designs overcome this issue by replacing the tube with a tough polyurethane skinned, closed cell foam filled collar. We also have versions without the collar, using rigid foam filled aluminium side tanks instead. The hull shape incorporates a bevelled double chine where the inflatable tube would normally sit, which effectively replicates the overall cross section shape of the inflatable type RIBs.

Our level flotation designs meet the AS1799.1 recommendations for level flotation when swamped. These are not mandatory requirements, however building to them gives much a much improved level of safety, particularly for smaller boats used in open waters.

The result is a boat that looks and performs like a RIB, with the soft ride, stability at rest, and inherent safety, in a much more robust and durable package.