Sherwood Marine Design is a leading consultancy in the field of high speed craft design, and offers a range of recreational kit boats in Australia and internationally.

Design First

Our mission is to give you a kit form boat that leads the pack in ride, handling and structural strength. We are a design consultancy first and foremost, with international experience in design and development of hi-tech, high speed vessels.


Our technical expertise is combined with years of commercial vessel experience and practical boatbuilding knowledge. Our kit boats are designed with the amateur builder in mind, and we pay attention to the little details that make it easier to build.


Everything we do is based on creating a better designed boat. We don’t follow design ideas or trends for the sake of fashion or marketing hype.

With a background in naval and coast guard patrol and rescue vessels, and high speed catamarans, we deliver a properly engineered kit boat, designed by our qualified and experienced naval architects.